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Forest School

Forest School is all about using our environment for learning and experience and in return we help to look after the environment.


We learn literacy, numeracy, science and creativity through activities that involve all these subjects at the same time.


Building a fire can be creative through the planning and designing stages.
It can be used to learn about science, i.e. how fire works and energy exchange.

We use the charcoal to write about our fire experiences and use maths language to describe the lengths and diameter of our fire wood which we have to estimate.


We go outside in all weathers! If it is too cold, we can build a fire.
If it is too wet, we can build a shelter.

We learn to use tools in a specific and safe way with others.

We work together, helping to plan our activities with teachers and our friends.


We learn about safety and responsibility in our environment and understand the correct ways to assess risks together.


We respect the living plants and animals that we share our environment with by planting

new plants that attract insects

and animals and also by building

shelters and habitats.