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Aims and Values

 The Aims and Values of the School

The evaluation oF our Aims and Values has been a gradual process , through consultation with all staff to ensure that everyone who works closely with the children was consulted.

As a whole staff we have reviewed our Aims and Values through identifying the Behaviours for Learning that we would like the children to develop, we prioritised into 6 main Behaviours for Learning and identified:

  • What the children would be doing
  • The characteristics of each behaviour
  • What the children might be saying when demonstrating this behaviour for learning

To make the Behaviours for Learning meaningful to the children we decided to have a ‘School of Fish’ with each named fish having a character attributed to a Behaviour for Learning Which spell out our ‘Recipe for Success’. These underpin the Aims and Values we would like for our school.

This is a process that will continue to evolve as we discuss it with Governors, children and parents. Staff will also continue to develop each Behaviour for Learning, sharing them with the children, creating the fish for display in the classrooms and identifying learning opportunities for each Year Group.

The Behaviours for Learning we wish to develop in our children are our school Aims:








We will teach this RECIPE for success through our ‘School of Fish


Respectful Rosa  


Enjoyment Elsie 


 Collaborative Colin 


 Independent Ivy 


 Proud Pablo 


Endeavour Eric 



Our values will be underpinned by the characteristics that each Behaviour for Learning demonstrate.


Respect - Acknowledging, Empathic, Sympathetic, Thoughtful, Non-judgemental, Understanding


Enjoy - Happy, Focussed, Enthusiastic, Engaged, Proud, Positive


Collaborate - Supportive, Independent, Enthusiastic, Confident, Empathic, Sympathetic


Independence - Enabled, Confident, Proud, Challenged, Responsible


Pride - Motivated, Determined, Satisfied, Rewarded, Enthusiastic, Confident


Endeavour - Brave, Strong, Determined, Confident, Motivated, Proud, Positive, Persevering


We use the fish to explain how we would like the children to learn and to develop their understanding of the language associated with each Behaviour for Learning. We link it to our reward system by giving smiley fish and fish certificates, staff have fish on their lanyards to remind & praise children.