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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)


SEND Governor - Mrs Clair Bush

SENCo - Mrs Sian Harmer


If you are concerned, or know, that your child has a disability or any special needs that may affect them at school, please speak to your child's teacher, the Special Needs Co- ordinator or the Head Teacher as soon as possible.


Once your child has started school regular reviews are made of every child's progress.  This enables us to identify children who may have SEN as quickly as possible.  We will always talk to parents about their children and keep them informed about any concerns we may have.


The SEND policy specifies those practices and procedures which exist in school to support children who may have SEN.  The school and curriculum are designed to be accessible to children with a range of special needs.


The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs Sian Harmer) and the SEND Governor (Mrs Clair Bush)are responsible for the SEND Register and for making sure that arrangements and administration are properly undertaken.  Any children who are 'looked after' by a local authority are also well cared for at the school.


The school receives support from the cluster through half termly SENCo and Head Teacher meetings.  Children in the Nursery are supported by an Early Years Advisor.



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